Wrongful Imprisonment and Wrongful Conviction Cases Take Major Focus Across America’s Court Rooms

BROOKLYN, N.Y.June 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- With new cases popping up every daycourtrooms in the United States are now facing backlash for wrongful convictions and wrongful imprisonment suits. Since new DNA testing technology has been implemented, more inmates are reaching out for their last attempt to prove their innocence. The Innocent Project, a New Yorkgroup highly dedicated to exoneratingthose who were wrongly convicted states, "There have been 316 post-conviction DNA exonerations in the United States" while other inmates are still calling out for help. 

 Legal-Bay LLC, The Lawsuit Settlement Funding Company, is at the forefront of assisting victims upon release with needed lawsuit cash advances to get their lives back in order. Legal-Bay is following the work of the Innocent Project and feels these litigations should be expedited so the wrongfully convicted inmates can be released quicker. The main causes of wrongful imprisonment to date are due to: invalidated and improper forensic DNA science, eyewitness misidentifications, false confessions, false incriminating statements, prosecutorial misconduct, and improper use of informants.   

While supporting the Innocent Project, Legal-Bay is paying close attention to many cases in NY, including cases up for review by detective Louis Scarcella. Scarcella, an ex-NYPD detective out of Brooklyn, has been the target of countless claims of wrongful conviction and false imprisonment cases. Most notably, David Ranta's case where he was wrongly sentenced and spent 20 years behind bars prior to his release last year. Ranta and his attorney recently settled a portion of their wrongful imprisonment case for a sum of $6.4MM, according to the NY Daily News after filing a bombastic $150MM lawsuit against New York City. 

New York's Huffington post quotes authorities will "review about 50 cases worked on by detective Louis Scarcella". 

Patty Kirby, Head of Client Relations, commented on the company's efforts to aid the wrongfully convicted, "It is without question that our company has a strong dedication to assisting these victims at a time when they are just trying to integrate back into society. Our firm understands their needs while they try to find meaningful employment again and a place to live. Even though many of the cases may be dragged through the court for years, we are committed to providing the necessary cash advances needed for these victims to live their lives in dignity once and for all."    

To learn more specifically about the funding programs involving wrongful arrests, wrongful imprisonment, and even police brutality for cash advances log onto: http://www.lawsuitssettlementfunding.com/wrongful-imprisonment.php

Legal-Bay is a national lawsuit settlement funding company that has seen a spike in wrongful imprisonment, police brutality, and prison injury cases in states such as: CaliforniaFloridaNew JerseyTexasLouisiana, District of Columbia D.C., andGeorgia; however the most egregious cases seem to be emanating out of New York's boroughs. Here is a list of just some of the recent NY cases in the news where clients have spent decades behind bars and were recently released:

  • Martin Tankleff of Long Island
  • Anthony Ortiz & Danny Colon of Manhattan
  • Anthony Yarborough of Brooklyn
  • Lamar Palmer of Queens
  • Derrick Deacon of Brooklyn
  • Roger Logan of Brooklyn
  • Jonathan Flemming of the Bronx 

If you or a loved one have been victimized by a wrongful conviction, wrongful imprisonment, police brutality, or prison injury and need a lawsuit cash advance while you wait for your settlement award, feel free to call Legal-Bay on its toll free hotline at: 877.571.0405 where live agents are standing by 24 hours a day to assist you.  You many also apply online at: Legal-Bay.comand an agent will respond to your request shortly. 

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