Disclosure Statement

MTS is not a law firm and does not and cannot provide legal advice on your case. You must speak to a lawyer in order to obtain legal advice pertaining to your specific situation. MTS can assist you with obtaining a lawyer at your request. MTS plans to be paid monthly marketing fees by certain law firms for marketing services that we provide for them, including providing them leads for clients that are in need of legal representation. These marketing fees are for marketing services provided to each law firm and not for any legal services whatsoever. Therefore, any active discussions with any representatives of MTS should not be construed as legal advice in any way, shape, or form. MTS makes no recommendation on which law firm you decide to retain or how you decide to proceed with your case; as well as any decisions on how to ultimately resolve your lawsuit claim against the defendant. These legal decisions can only be made by you in conjunction with your law firm’s advice.

MTS also provides referrals to other non-lawyer companies that provide services that are requested by you, the client. These services include, but are not limited to: lawsuit funding cash advances, settlement funding, medical procedural funding or surgical funding needs, and medical document retrieval. MTS and/or its affiliates will also receive fees for any of these services or any other services that they assist in providing to you. Any fees charged directly or indirectly to you concerning services provided to you, will not be charged as “upfront” cash charges to you the client, unless expressly disclosed in writing. Instead, these charges will only be recognized by you the client if you are ultimately successful in obtaining a lawsuit settlement award.

In the event that you are successful in winning a lawsuit award then these various referral fees for non-legal services, and any legal fees charged by your law firm that you retain will ultimately by deducted from your final settlement amount. In the event that you are not successful in obtaining a final lawsuit award you will owe nothing and not need to return any monies obtained by you for any lawsuit funding cash advances or any other services whatsoever provided to you, unless expressly disclosed in writing.

Our client testimonials are based on real cases, however the actual identity of the client(s) and their specific case(s) have been protected due to our strict adherence to our privacy policy.