Smith & Nephew Hip Lawsuits

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Smith and Nephew hip cases stem from the negligence on behalf of Smith and Nephew. They allowed the production and use of their product after having the knowledge that their product was defective and could cause additional damage to users. When damage occurs in the tissue near the device, it leads to the destruction of muscle and bone. As the bone and muscle are destroyed, the device loosens and can fail.


Smith & Nephew Hip Cases

This hip implant consists of a metal liner placed between the femoral head and cup, which creates a metal-on-metal articulation. The R3 has experienced many of the same problems that other metal-on-metal hip implants have caused, including metallosis, pain, and loosening. Smith & Nephew issued a voluntary recall in June of 2012. At the time of the recall, approximately 4,000 R3 liners had been implanted in patients in the United States.


FDA Warning

Smith & Nephew sent a notification letter dated June 3, 2015 to customers via E-mail and Fed- Ex. The letter identified the affected product, problem and actions to be taken. Customers were asked to quarantine the product and return it. Distributors were asked to notified their customers of the recall and ask them to return the product


Smith & Nephew Manufactures & Side Effects

  • Birmingham Hip Resurfacing - Infections, fractures, dislocation, metallosis, pseudo-tumors and other issues requiring revision surgery
  • Emperion Hip System- Reports of failures resulting in fractures and need for revision surgery
  • Modular SMF- Higher than anticipated complaint and adverse event trend
  • Redapt Revision Femoral System- Higher than anticipated complaint and adverse event trend
  • R3 Acetabular System- Reports of loosening, pain, device failure, infection, metal sensitivity and dislocation associated with the device


Settlement News Updates on Smith & Nephew Cases

  • As of April 2019 609 cases have been filed
  • Company recalled 2,000 devices in 2016
  • Company was aware of complication in 2013, but did not inform healthcare providers until 2016
  • So far the company has paid more than $40 million in in settlements
  • Since 2012, it's estimated that at least 7,700 patients have been affected by defective Smith & Nephew hip implant. More than 130 of those lawsuits have been combined in a major federal litigation. Many more lawsuits are expected to be filed in the coming months and years.