“I can’t thank MTS enough for their service to me and my family. When I came to MTS, my family and I were about to be evicted from our home, and my current lawyer would not assist me with filing my lawsuit so I could get the funding I need to save our home. I felt hopeless. Then MTS found me the top law firm for my particular case who immediately took my case over and got my family the funding we needed to save our home.”

- Linda S., Los Angeles, CA

“If it had not been for the constant press coverage and monitoring of the national litigation involving my defective product by the MTS team, I would have never known that the severe problems I was dealing with were the subject of a national lawsuit. I called MTS, who did everything they said they would; they obtained me a law firm who was able to file my lawsuit quickly so that I did not miss an important deadline. And then their contacts provided me with the needed lawsuit funding to get me the cash I needed while I waited for my settlement. It was refreshing to know that this company had such a dedication to customer service.”

- Chuck D., Atlanta, GA

“When I found MTS I was having severe health problems due to a defective product. Their staff was so courteous and efficient. They were able to help me obtain my medical records and connect me with a top law firm who took the time to understand my severe medical issues. However, I had no money to get to the doctor for a simple examination. MTS’s referred me a lawsuit funding company who was able to provide me the needed funds to pay for a surgery. I am now finally feeling 100% better again after corrective surgery. My law firm now tells me that my case value could be worth $500K. I would’ve never been in this position without the help of MTS – thank you!”

- Tammy D., Tampa, FL