Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuits

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Transvaginal Mesh and Bladder Sling Cases

The Transvaginal Mesh and Bladder Sling litigation could be the largest product liability litigation of all time when it is finally resolved. However, with numerous manufacturers and countless different products, the TVM litigation is expected to drag out for years to come. Due to the complexity of the vast litigation, many victims and plaintiffs are very confused with many aspects of their potential case.

There are two types of mesh cases; the first is called Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP case) the second is called Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI case). Each of these cases have various side effects and symptoms from the original implant of the mesh. However, once a victim has identified an issue with their mesh through documented doctor visits, it then becomes very confusing as to which mesh maker’s product and which individual device was implanted. They then must see if the particular product has been the subject of a recall and/or a lawsuit. What is worse for the victim is trying to locate these records and trying to find a law firm that will assist them with ascertaining if they have a viable lawsuit.

FDA Warning

In July of 2011, the FDA issued a warning on all mesh products, resulting in a public awareness of the issues. Therefore, in many jurisdictions, the time to file a transvaginal mesh lawsuit claim could have expired in August of 2013. This is known as the Statute of Limitations to file a claim. However, in many jurisdictions – and under certain circumstances – many mesh victims still have time to file a lawsuit if they are still experiencing issues with their TVM implants. To date, there have been close to 50k lawsuits filed in both State and Federal Courts throughout the U.S., and another 50K or so to be filed within the next two years.

Generally speaking, most transvaginal mesh and bladder sling manufacturers’ products have the same characteristics and defects. With that said, if you, or a loved one, are experiencing any of the side effects listed below, we strongly suggest that you obtain legal counsel immediately. It is very possible that your pain and suffering is due to a defective mesh implant product and you could be entitled to substantial compensation.

TVM and Bladder Sling Side Effects

  • Mesh Erosion or Protrusions into the vagina, bladder, intestines, and uterus
  • Sexual Intercourse Pain for both partners
  • Internal Bleeding and/or Infections
  • Painful Urinations and/or return of both POP and SUI symptoms
  • Punctures to bladder, bowels, lower abdomen or other organs
  • Scar Tissue

Transvaginal Mesh Manufactures

Below is a list of just some of the major mesh makers that Lawsuit Settlement News is following and can provide their various Mass Tort Services to victims and/or plaintiffs.

  • American Medical Systems Inc.
  • Boston Scientific Inc.
  • C.R. Bard Inc.
  • Caldera Inc
  • Coloplast Inc.
  • Johnson & Johnson Inc., J&J, and Gynecare
  • Mentor inc.

Major Settlement News and Jury Verdict Victories for Women Plaintiffs

Below are just some highlights of major settlement news as well as Jury Verdict wins in excess of several million dollars.

  • Bakersfield, California CA- Jury awards husband and wife $6.5MM award against C.R. Bard, July 2013
  • Atlantic City, New Jersey NJ - Jury awards woman plaintiff $3MM award against J&J and Gynecare, August 2013.
  • Charleston, West Virginia WV – Jury awards woman plaintiff $2.5MM award against C.R. Bard, October 2013.
  • Bloomberg News reports possible “Global Settlement” in works between three major mesh manufactures of close to 50K claims, excluding Johnson & Johnson Inc.
  • Charleston, WV – Settlement reached in approximately 20K cases against Endo Health Solutions and American Medical Systems, AMS, for approximately $830MM.
  • Kern County, California – $5.7 million verdict was reached against Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon subsidiary for a woman plaintiff over their Gynecare TVT Abbrevo vaginal mesh device.
  • March, 2015 – Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon subsidiary reached a settlement in a bellwether trial over their transvaginal mesh devices just one day after the $5.7MM verdict against them, however, the settlement details have not been disclosed.
  • AMS $1.3 Billion Settlement – Endo International Plc, owner of American Medical Systems (AMS), agreed to pay nearly $1.3 billion to resolve product liability transvaginal mesh lawsuits over their implants.
  • $73 Million awarded to a woman plaintiff in a case against Boston Scientific Corporation.
  • Miami, Florida – Jurors awarded $26.7 million in a verdict against Boston Scientific for failing to provide sufficient warnings about the risks of its Pinnacle mesh implant device.
  • West Virginia – Jurors awarded $18.5 million to four women plaintiffs over Boston Scientific’s Obtryx mesh.
  • Georgia – February, 2015 –Johnson and Johnson Settled over 100 lawsuits regarding their Mentor unit manufactured transvaginal mesh tape and sling devices, however, the details of the settlement have not been disclosed.
  • May, 2015 – Boston Scientific Corporation agrees to pay about $119 million to settle approximately 2,970 cases over its transvaginal mesh products.
  • June, 2015 – $100MM Verdict against Boston Scientific in Mesh Trial for Delaware woman.
  • August, 2015 – C.R. Bard Inc.Settled at least 3K cases for more than $200MM at least 3,000 cases against them, resulting in awards of approximately $67,000 per case.
  • January, 2016 – $12.5MM Verdict against Ethicon for a woman plaintiff in Philadelphia over Ethicon’s Prolift mesh implant.
  • January, 2016 – Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon settles between 2-3K cases for $120MM in their first serious attempt to start resolving some of the approximate 42K cases against them.
  • February, 2016 – $13.5MM Verdict against J&J’s Ethicon for a woman plaintiff in Philadelphia.

Mass Tort Services Available to You

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