Lawsuit Settlement News Reports recalled da Vinci Robot’s were used in Over 1.7 Million Surgical Procedures

SUNNYVALE, Calif. June 26, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- MT Services LLC, a lawsuit settlement news reporting company which operates, announced this morning a focus on assisting plaintiffs of Monopolar Curved Scissors (MSC) and MSC Tips complications from Intuitive Surgical's da Vinci Robot Surgical Systems, to find the legal assistance they need with a da Vinci law firm or da Vinci attorney.


Beginning in 2004, the da Vinci system has been used in millions of procedures throughout the United States, while manufacturing company Intuitive Surgical announced; "It is possible for these claimants, as well as those claimants who have not participated in negotiations, to pursue greater amounts in mediation or in a court of law." Since the da Vinci recall, the company announced that, "the $67 million is the estimated cost of settling claims alleging complications from surgeries performed with certain versions of the Monopolar Curved Scissors (MCS) instruments that were recalled in 2013 and with a first-generation MCS tip cover that was withdrawn in 2012."

Chris Janish, CEO of MTS, commented on today's announcement, "We believe that the da Vinci Robot litigation is one that is starting gain steam; especially with Intuitive Surgical Inc.'s SEC public stock filing announcing the 'write down' of $67MM in product liability litigation costs. We firmly believe that there are many possible victims out there that are unaware of the liability and potential recovery of money from the serious injuries that incurred at the hospital from a surgeon using the da Vinci robot. We hope today's announcement will help many patients find answers to their questions."

The da Vinci robot's have performed 400k surgeries each year including many hysterectomies for women. Complications from surgeries amount to: internal surgical burns, organ damage, punctured organs, excessive bleeding, nerve damage, severe bowel injuries, and even death. According to MT Services, the multiple voluntary company and FDA recalls made on the various da Vinci Robot parts could amount to over 100K components being affected within the intricate machine.

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