DePuy ASR Round Two Settlement Program Enrollment Deadline Announced, Says

CLEVELAND, March 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- MT Services LLC, a Lawsuit Settlement News Reporting Company which operates, announced today that the enrollment deadline for the second round of the DePuy ASR Hip Settlement Program has been announced. Individuals who received the DePuy ASR hip implant device revision surgeries between August 31st, 2013 and January 31st, 2015 are eligible to participate in the Settlement Program and have until May 1st, 2015 to submit their claims, according to The Legal Examiner. Those who qualify to participate in round two of the Settlement Program will need to file various forms as well as medical records to validate their claims.


Even though round two of the DePuy ASR Hip Settlement Program is in the works, it's still unclear when compensation payments will begin to be issued to the plaintiffs involved. Depending on liens in each individual case, MTS' legal experts believe most payments will not come until late 2015 or beyond. Also, the exact settlement agreement terms are still unknown at this time, but legal experts are expecting the terms to be quite similar to those of the first ASR settlement. In round one of the US ASR Hip Settlement Program, the plaintiffs involved received settlement awards at a value of approximately $250K.

Chris Janish, CEO of MTS, commented on the recent enrollment deadline announcement, "Johnson & Johnson and their DePuy hip division have been working quickly to get the plaintiffs who have qualified for this landmark settlement their money quickly. Patients who have had complications with their ASR or Pinnacle DePuy hips are urged to seek immediate legal consultation as it is possible that there is still time to file a claim against DePuy and receive a $250K base settlement amount or award."

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