Bad Drug Cases

Bad Pharmaceutical Drug Cases


MT Services LLC provides up-to-date lawsuit news on Bad Pharmaceutical Drug cases as well as various services to assist victims with getting the help they need during this difficult time. These services include: Lawsuit Pre-Settlement Funding Cash Advances, Surgical or Medical Procedure Funding (or cash needs related to your surgery), and Attorney Referrals to Nationally recognized Pharmaceutical Drug law firms.


Big Pharma Spells Big Trouble for Many Victims of Bad Drugs

In an era where pharmaceutical companies are making billions of dollars on breakthrough drugs and seeking immediate FDA approval, the endless lawsuits that have been filed over the last 10 years have not been surprising. And more importantly, the billions of dollars that pharmaceutical companies have doled out in settlements.

In 2007, Merck Pharmaceuticals Inc. settled the largest size “Mass Tort” or MDL (multi-district litigation) of its kind by settling over 26k cases of the dangerous drug Vioxx for $4.5Bil. Since then, other litigations for bad drugs have rivaled the Merck settlement, such as Avandia where 20K claims were settled by GlaxoSmithKline, U.K’s largest drug maker, for approximately $2Bil. or about a $50K per average case. However, cases with serious injuries or death were settled at ranges above $200K.


Current Bad Pharmaceutical Drug Litigations

The list of bad drug lawsuits is growing every day, and with each drug litigation comes uncertainty with constant legal challenges by the powerful drug companies. MTS, through its affiliated service partners, pledges to attempt to assist every single plaintiff that has a lawyer and has filed a lawsuit claim in court for any bad drug litigation. Our pledge includes providing you with a free case evaluation if you are in need of surgical or medical funding, or lawsuit funding for personal cash needs. No other company in the industry – that we know of – makes this same claim and commitment to its website following.

In the event that you are confused if you even have a claim or if your side effects are common with the drug you are taking, MTS will provide you with a law firm that specializes in your particular bad drug case. The pharmaceutical lawyer will contact you and ascertain if they believe you have a potential lawsuit. There are never any upfront fees for any services that any of our contacts will provide you, and you will only pay fees if a settlement award was reached on behalf of you or your family.

Below is a list of just some of the bad pharmaceutical drug cases that MTS is monitoring and providing assistance to potential victims:

AndgroGel – Testosterone Creams
Birth Control Products: Yaz, Yasmin, Ocella, Mirena, NuvaRing
Steriod/Epidural Shots Causing Meningitis

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