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Johnson & Johnson Opioid Lawsuit Update: November 2019

When the trial of Johnson & Johnson began on May 28th, the United States was at the beginning of witnessing a landmark case with nationwide repercussions. The state of Oklahoma was one of the first to openly acknowledge the growing opioid crisis. As a result of the state's need for help, the government decided to…
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Johnson & Johnson Lawsuits: 2019 Litigation Timeline

Over the past several months, multiple cases have been filed against pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson. These lawsuits feature multiple allegations regarding various products that they manufactured and released to the market. So far, the company spent over $900 million in litigation costs and we expect this to continue to grow. The safety of the…
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Hip Replacement Lawsuit Guide: Eligibility & Settlement Amounts

Beginning in 2002, many hip implant manufacturers have paid a startling amount of money in compensation to patients who suffered from their products. Billions of dollars went to the victims and as of September 2019, many more cases have been filed. If you suffered complications from a hip implant, you may be eligible to file…
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Roundup Weed Killer Lawsuit Settlement: Are You Eligible?

In 2019, many lawsuits were filed against Monsanto, a subsidiary of Bayer, for their Roundup weed killer product. This is one of the most popular herbicide products on the market and many farmers, gardeners and others working in agriculture use it. Doctors diagnosed some of these laborers with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. If you have used this…
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Find Litigation Support for an Essure Class Action Lawsuit

Essure, a birth control product from Bayer Health, came off the market at the end of 2018. This guarantees protection for future women against the complications associated with the device. However, this product caused severe health problems for several women across the United States. As a result, thousands of women filed an Essure class action…
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IVC Filter Lawsuit Settlement Guide

Due to complications, IVC filter lawsuits are continuing to increase in 2019. Patients who have suffered injuries from IVC filter surgeries are coming forward to receive compensation. Before you file an IVC filter lawsuit, it will benefit you to learn more about what exactly the issues with IVC filters are and how others fared in…
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Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Overview: Are You Eligible?

Hernia mesh, frequently used in hernia repair surgeries, may cause serious complications for many people. As a result, hundreds of people across the country filed hernia mesh lawsuits against several different hernia mesh brands. If you believe you suffered an injury from a hernia mesh patch or plug from a hernia repair surgery, you may…
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3M Earplug Class Action Lawsuit: A Breakdown

In the recent 3M earplug class-action lawsuit, hundreds of military members filed lawsuits against a government-contracted manufacturer of defective combat earplugs. The lawsuit alleges that 3M, a Minnesota-based company, failed to provide earplugs that properly blocked out loud noises. It also alleges that the company did not provide any direction for proper use of the…
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